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We specialize in quality design for mobile devices, the web, and print.

KROOLUHV DIGITAL offers web design services for essentially any client looking to take their business/organization online. Our Web-Design clients range from many different business categories and industries. We enjoy our work with large business, organizations, new businesses, individuals & personal brands.

+ Quality websites that work seamlessly for your business and customers.

+ Our websites are built with excellent integration across all devices. –Desktop, Laptop, Mobile.

+ We always design and build websites based on the model of an efficient user experience.

+ [K+] DIGITAL covers all details. From hand-selected font combinations, to
banners, and newsletter subscriptions; we deliver detailed web design services.

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We build quality websites and create great content for your business.

Below are a few examples of industries where websites and going online can be very beneficial.

Personal Branding

Individual and personal branding are very important when connecting with and growing an audience. At KROOLUHV DIGITAL, we handle logos, websites, social media, promotional items, and other relevant marketing tasks associated with individual and personal branding.

Some of our clients include athletes, actors, photographers, bloggers, musicians, hair/cosmetic stylists, musicians, and foundations.

Restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, catering, meal prep, drink/beverage services, food services and more.

Get your business’ menu online. There are numerous benefits to having at minimum a website for your restaurant or any other business in the food industry.

You absolutely need your business listing to be registered for people searching for local food, drink, refreshments, your special/niche food selections, and more.

  • Your online real-estate is there and is available to be put to positive use.
  • Your address will be listed and connected to platforms like yahoo, yelp, google, yellowpages, directories and more. This is very valuable.
  • Schedule your posts on social media. Create promotions.
  • Build your email/subscriber list.
  • Track and respond to your audience when they engage your posts on social media.
  • Execute your monthly, holiday or seasonal campaigns.
  • Create and develop your food or beverage business’ online strategy.

Bloggers —

Build an organized and responsive blog experience. Consistency and the layout/presentation of your website’s content will be very beneficial to your viewers and their visits to your blog.

Photographers — 

We work with photographers to get their work and portfolio online. Have your completed projects continue to benefit you. A full portfolio has many benefits including creating new opportunities for future projects.

Models, Actors, Stylists, Creative Directors, and more. —

Display your portfolio, headshots, videos, photos, and projects online. Deploy our modern-design tactics to leave an impression on your audience and viewers. A full portfolio has many benefits including creating new opportunities for future projects.

Podcasts, speakers, public figures, and beyond. —

Display your portfolio, photos, podcast, vlog episodes, videos, photos, and projects online. Deploy our modern-design tactics to leave an impression on your audience and viewers.

New businesses, Services, Online Shops/eCommerce, Sports, Trainers, Coaches, Travel Agents, 

Where we come in:

  • Well designed and thoroughly built Websites
  • Google, Search Engines, Bing, Yahoo, directories
  • Google Analytics
  • Logos, custom graphics, custom templates, and other necessities.
  • Information & subscriber database
  • Organized systems for responding & engaging
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook Company Page
  • Company online strategy development
  • More!

Logo Design

+ We create quality Logos that fit your preference/taste as well as your brand

+ Excellent customer service allows us to properly communicate with you to
design your logo exactly how you envision it.

Have an overall idea for your new Logo but would rather a professional take your idea and run with it? Some customers contact us and have their concept completely planned out. Others have an idea but would like a professional touch to get their new Logo to completion. At [K+] DIGITAL, we enjoy working with both types of clients.

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Branding & Marketing Graphics

Attention to detail and going the extra mile go a long way in establishing great relationships with your clients. Your viewers may be easier to reach than you think. Get active and you win by being active.

Some Services Include:

+ Banners and Graphics for blogs.
+ Email Campaigns & Newsletters– Graphics, banners, content.
+ Marketing/Graphics for your event and its promotion.
+ Social media quotes and branded graphics for posting online.
+ Online ADs
+ Press Releases
+ Music Artists– Electronic Press Kit (EPK).
+ Music Artists– Covers & Album Art.
+ Banners for Facebook, Youtube, and other social media.
+ Sales Documents and other company documents.
+ Personal Portfolios
+ Press Kits
+ Brand/Business Presentations
+ Video Advertisements

Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

+ Most of our clients come to us for higher rankings in search engines.

+ We perform Search Engine Optimization on both existing and new websites.

+ [K+] Results guarantee.

What We Do:
+ We improve how your organization appears on Google (and all search engines) when customers type your name into searches or into the internet browser.

+ We connect all of your online profiles and web-links together. This will verify your connected accounts and connect all of your online content.

+ Our main tasks are focused on connecting your accounts to Google Analytics/tracking software, improving search engine rankings, and improving results on both local searches and overall search engine rankings.


  1. Google, Bing, & Search Engine Optimization
  2. Logos, websites, and other necessities
  3. Content Marketing, Content Schedule, & Marketing Campaigns
  4. Social Media Marketing

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Graphic Design & Event Marketing:

  • Engage your audience. Drive sign-ups and registrations
  • Our talented designers will do the creative design work for your special events.

Perfect for any special event!

  • Weddings
  • Nightclub Events
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate Events
  • Political Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Festivals

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